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A: I’d go for an audi if the price difference isn’t that great. The major difference is in handling and smoother ride. Specially if you intend to go on long trips, the audi is more comfortable after a long trip and less tiring. I cannot tell if its the smoother suspension, seats, or what. Thats my opinion.

Q: Where can I purchase 2010 Audi A4 LED Headlights?
I am purchasing a used 2010 Audi A4, that was a base-model and would like to upgrade the headlights and tailslight to the newer ones with the LED daytime running lights. Where can I purchase these from besides buying them directly from Audi?

A: Amazon has the 2010 Audi A4 LED Headlights, and taillights websites below.

Q: 2010 Audi A4 owners: how much oil does your car use between oil changes?
The 2.0L turbo runs hotter. That’s why Audi claims it may use a quart of oil between changes. The dealer doesn’t charge for top offs between changes.

A: none. try switching oil brands

Q: What car should I buy, a 2010 Mercedes GLK or 2010 Audi A4?
What is a better bang for your buck?
Better for winter?
Are Mercedes more expensive to maintain then Audi’s, or is it more or less the same?
Thank you

A: You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here –

Q: What is better on Gas the 2010 cadillac CTS sedan or the 2010 Audi A4?
im and getting my license soon and i was wondering which is better on gas i have to have a 5 star safety rated car and they both are i like the look of the A4 and it costs about 4 thousand less than the ccts but which is better on gas i would be driving mostly in the city

A: Obviously the A4. Its a four banger.

Q: Should I get a certified used 2007 Audi S4 or a new 2010 Audi A4?
My price range accommodates either choice. I would prefer the performance of the S4, but it is less fuel efficient.

A: The S4. The fuel efficiency on the S4 is phenomenal, especially for all the power. You really won’t find too much of a difference between them when it comes to fuel efficiency.
2007 S4s aren’t turbo anymore, so as long as you aren’t stomping on the accelerator all the time it will be fine. I drive the bi-turbo generation and it’s great on gas.

Repairs on the S4 aren’t too bad – especially if you are comparing it to the newer Audis. As long as you keep up with the regular maintenance (including things like the timing belt/water pump, spark plugs, etc.) the car should last you for a decade! lol

Q: What Is The Bulb Size Of The Day Time Running Lights On A 2010 Audi A4 WITHOUT HID/LED’s?
I want to replace the crappy halogen daytime running lights and low beams to HID conversions but I cant find the bulb size of the day time lights.


A: you need some kit to replace the led lights ,while the light is easily available ,just log on google to search ,

Q: Have 2010 Audi A4. Just had to drive it through deep water, but made it home ok. Could there be damage?
I know you’re not supposed to drive through deep water, but it’s New Orleans and there is NO way around the water. My car didn’t stall out, and the brakes were still working fine. However, the water was over the bottom of my doors (although none got in). I plan to let it dry out all day tomorrow. Is it possible I still damaged the car?

A: if you made it thru then you should be fine. everything in the car is designed to withstand moisture, engine bay and underbody. the only thing to be carefull about deep water, especially if deep enough to submerge the exhaust is to keep constant throtle so that the water doesnt go into it. the other caution is to not splash too much that it goes into the engine thru the intake and cause hydrolocking. water doesnt compress like gas and air.

Q: When does the 2010 Audi A4 come out?
I’m looking to buying the sedan but I don’t like last years model. From the pictures, I like the new model. As specific as possible to when it comes out is preferred. Also, what are some other cars that are around that quality that I can also look at in case it doesn’t come out in time?

A: the 2009 was the most recent redesign of the model. It is the B8 series. the 2010 a4 will look identical, but probly have a few minor tweaks(maybe in the audi mms system or smaller things like that). Sorry man, if you don’t like the ’09s, you’re not gonna like the 2010s

Q: Is 2010 audi A4 worth buying?
I recently test drove 2010 audi A4 and bmw 328xi. Even though I preferred A4’s exterior, I felt like the feel and power of 328xi are far superior to that of A4… is A4 really worth buying?

A: Any new car purchase is a bad idea financially because you take the brunt of the depreciation hit. That said, this choice is going to come down to your personal preference and it’s a tough choice indeed where these two cars are concerned.. In general Audi’s have always come to market a bit “detuned” compared to their BMW counterparts and you can bring it up to level with a few aftermarket parts. However, if you feel the BMW feel and power are far superior and you really question if the Audi is worth buying, buy the BMW because that’s the way you are leaning right now.

Q: Which should i buy, a 2010 Audi A4 Quattro, or a 2010 Lexus IS250 AWD?
I want to lease an AWD car, and these both look like good cars, the Lexus is a little cheaper, but i prefer the look of the Audi. I’m not a car guy so please fill me in on why I should get one over the other.


A: 333 hp? What A4 are you driving? Even a $50K A6 Quattro Turbo is only 300 hp!!!

An A4 Quattro has 211 horsepower, on par with the Lexus. The Audi is a 4 cylinder though (Lexus is a 6), and a little noisier in my opinion.

I personally like the look, feel and drive of the Lexus – which is why I bought one – but I looked at an A4 too. These are both good cars, choose what you personally like best.

Q: K&N Air Filter On 2010 Audi A4 2.0T- + Results?
I have a 2010 audi a4 2.0t quattro and I wanted to know if a kn air filter will add any performance gains or “throatier” sound when upgrading from stock filter?


A: To get that “throatier” sound- that is from exhaust, i.e. a catback-go on, or, and you will get some audio and video files that demonstrate what can happen when certain exhausts are installed. Performance gains are slight, but from the initial cost outlay of the K&N, and if you plan on keeping the car for four or five years, its ideal.

Q: Compare 2009 vs. 2010 Audi A4?
What are the major differences between a 2009 and a 2010 Audi A4 Avant?

A: Its just newer, but not much difference. You’ll pay extra for a 2010.

Q: 2010 Altima and 2010 Audi A4?
Hello everyone,
Our family has decided to purchase a new vehicle, since our hold 4-runner is just too fuel consuming, and well, doesn’t run as well as it used to. We currently have 2 cars in mind, the 2 door Nissan Altima (2010 model), and the 4 door Audi A4. The Audi, with basic features will cost us around 31k. The Altima on the other hand will be around 29k, this is with the upgrades needed to match the Audi’s basic features (leather is a must, we all believe it is more comfortable, but Navi isn’t necessary). My question is, how would you rate the following on both the Altima and A4 -The only thing keeping us from getting the A4 is the fact that German cars are a tad pricey to repair, when need be-
1. Price to repair, when needed.
2. Durability (which will last longer, and break down less/have less problems).
3. Price to Quality (basically, is it worth the price).
4. Price in the long run (APR, maintenance, etc)
5. Maintenance in general (oil changes, etc).
6 Finally, fuel (price spent on fuel, MPG’s, ect).
I appreciate all the help!

A: These are my opinions, but they are based on cars I have owned and cars my friends, coworkers and associates own or have owned.

1) Nissan is generally a lot better for repair cost. German cars, especially the upmarket ones (Audi, BMW, Benz) tend to be some of the most expensive, even for routine maintenance.

2) IMO, the Nissan will last longer given the same type of maintenance.

3) The Audi will probably hold its value better than the Altima.

4) My guess is that the Altima will give you a lot less trouble long-term. Every car company has a few really bad cars mixed in, but Nissan tends to have good reliability. Audi is a more mixed bag

5) Oil changes can be the same price at some shops. You can call around, but Nissan dealer service will likely be cheaper than Audi dealer service. Things like clutches and brakes will be more expensive on the Audi. One thing to keep in mind is that an Audi has a timing belt and the Nissan has a timing chain, designed to last the life of the car.

6) A 2.5L Altima will get slightly better mpg than the other options. I think the 3.5L Altima CVT is about the same as an AT Audi A4. The Altima V6 also has about 60 hp more, but is front wheel drive instead of AWD.

There have been some oil consumption issues with the nissan 3.5L engine. Somewhat rare and maybe it doesn’t happen now. Otherwise, the VQ engines are considered one of the best V6s ever made.

Honestly, I think the Audi looks better and probably is more luxurious. However, I would buy the Altima unless you really need the AWD. It would be cheaper to operate over the longer term and a well equipped Altima is a very nice car.

Q: What Lease Deals Could I Get on 2010 Audi A4?
Hi, I live in New Jersey and I am looking for a good lease deal on a new 2010 Audi A4 or a new 2009 Infiniti G37x with 0$ down for 36 months.

The Audi A4 would be 2.0L Quattro and have the Prestige Package with wood trim and Audi Drive Select. The price given on the Audi website is 46,500$.

The Infiniti G37x would be fully loaded (Premium and Navigation Package), along with illuminated kick plates. The price given on the Infiniti website is about 42,200$.

My friend paid 520$/month for 36 months with 0$ down on a fully loaded 2009 Lexus IS250 AWD. The price for that is 40,400$ on the Lexus website. He bargained the price down a good amount (the dealer wanted him to pay 600) so please assume I will do the same for my car.

Is it possible to get a similar deal?

I would also appreciate if someone could give me an estimate for the Audi A4 without the Drive Select (Price: 42,000$ according to website).

The lease calculators online were not helpful because they gave estimates very different than what my friend payed for his Lexus. They did seem to show that the Infiniti has much more reasonable lease prices than Audi (any particular reason?). I’m not sure of the other lease factors but if anyone has a general idea that would be great!

Thanks a lot!
PS: My credit score is very good (imagine similar to my friend with the Lexus). Also, if you know which car is more likely to get a better deal, please let me know. Thanks.
The nearby Audi dealerships have no Audi’s similar to the build I want. This means I would have to specially order it from another dealership or from the plant. That usually makes the price harder to bargain. The Infiniti dealerships however have many G37’s in stock built the way I like.

A: expect to pay 700-1200 a month……..and ur gonna have to talk to dealer to get specifics……but as of yet the website prices have been lower than actual retail prices……and unless ur willing to put something down u will need to have spotless credit to get under 600 a month on either car……

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