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A: The Mazda gets my money, they look good, handle good and are definitely reliable. Probably a little easier on gas than the Explorer too. The Ford Explorer has a long history of unreliabilty, they have probably cleaned up their act a little but I would’nt trust one.

Actually I would get a Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

Q: 2010 Ford Expedition or Ford Explorer 2010?
Which car is better for 5 people? 4 kids and 1 adult. Sometimes we have friends over so seats for 6. We dont want it to be pricy. Ford Explorer or Expedition? No other cars

A: Both of these offer room for 7 people if you get the Explorer with the optional 3rd row. The explorer gets better gas mileage and is available with a v6.

Q: Which looks better 2010 Ford explorer eddie bauer (brilliant silver metallic or white suede)? and why?
Which color goes better with the bottom rail of the eddie bauer version???

A: I think the white looks real good.

Q: 2010 Jeep Cherokee or 2010 Ford Explorer?
Getting a new car, in terms of safety, reliability, etc. which is the better buy?

A: Wait for the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Just look at it:
It’s FANTASTIC. Production will start in less than a month, so within 2-3 months you could get one. When it comes out there will be even more cash on the hood of an old one, but I wouldn’t let it tempt you. The new one will be far more fuel efficient and better built, so in the end it will be the cheapest to own. It will cost less to run and need less repairs, so it’s worth a bit more to start with. Not to mention, the added quality. Jeep is now owned by Fiat, and what they did to the new Dodge Ram was amazing, and I expect nothing less from the Jeep. The Ford Explorer is too old. It’s the same truck that came out in 2002. I’m guessing by your choices you want something capable offroad. Don’t worry. The new Jeep has tackled the Rubicon to become “Trail Rated”. If you aren’t I would look at the GMC Acadia too. It was designed to be an urban-ute, which it does better than anyone else, but it’s not going to do very well offroad. It’s more reliable, efficient, and more refined than either an Explorer or Jeep Grand Cherokee,

Q: Advice on a 2010 Ford Explorer?
So I recently got my dream job and have decided on treating myself to a new car which would be my first car purchase. I live where it snows heavily during winters and therefore I am making sure that I go with an all wheel drive vehicle. I test drove a brand new ford explorer and talked the payments down to 420 a month with 2500 down and 0%apr for 72 months. Is this a good deal? Is it too much for me to spend? I don’t have kids and my base income is 45,000 with an opportunity to make well into 60k with OT. I also worry about how my car insurance will go through the roof if I get a brand new SUV since im only 21 years old. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A: that sounds like a pretty good deal, my friend. congrats on your new job!-austin

Q: 2010 Ford Explorer Limited or 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited?
Both have about the same gas mileage.
Both are priced almost the same.
Both are 4×4.(Don’t want a 4×2 NOR an all-wheel-drive.)
Both are V8.(don’t want a V6.)
Both have the same options.
The Cherokee is 5-speed auto.
The Explorer is 6-speed auto.

I have been interested in both vehicles but cannot choose between the 2. The vehicle will be for leisure and to drive to work and back(no off-roading or anything like that.). Based on the differences between the 2, besides looks, which one would you choose?

A: From a reliability stand point the Ford is gonna be better.

Not to sing the same old tune but Chrysler has yet to build a decent vehicle that is not falling apart.

Q: Ford Explorer 2010 or Chevy Tahoe 2009?
Which car is better for me? We have 5 people in our family. Sometimes we bring a friend which equals to 6 people for 6 seats. We have two four year olds and two teens. Which is better?
Oh yea and i currently have a 1997 Ford Explorer which is small for us

A: Honestly, I would go with the Tahoe for two reason, it’s got more room for one thing and they hold their value slightly more than an Exploder.

Currently driving an 04 Z71 Tahoe which replaced our 96 4×4 Tahoe.

Q: Ford Flex 2010 or Ford Explorer 2010?
Which one is better for us? We are 5 people together but sometimes have a friend over so 6. 4 Kids and i adult. Which is good for safety and gas to? It’s snowy over here so which can handle better?

A: The flex will be more fuel efficient with a much smoother ride, and can also be purchased with All Wheel Drive to handle snowy/ice conditions. However, the Explorer will have a decent 4×4 driveline utilizing both 4 wheel drive HI and LO (High gear and Low gear) which can get you through more serious snowy conditions.

Personally, if it were for commuting and the occasional snowstorm, I would take an AWD Flex. I absolutely hated them until I actually sat in, and drove a Flex. It’s one of my favourite of the Ford Fleet, and trust me I’ve driven them ALL.

Q: dose ford explorer 2011 will be changed?
hi i will bye a 2010 Ford Explorer i need to know dose ford will change the shape ?

A: Yes, it will go from a full body frame, to a unibody frame. The v8 engine is ditched…unfortunately. So far the engines chosen are the v6 duratec ecoboost engine, and the 4 cylinder duratec ecoboost engine. It has been claimed to look like a taurus X, then newer pictures has placed it as a larger ford escape. There will be a new terrain management system, like in the land rovers. Here is a spy shot. Best one i could find. Dont know if this is how it will look, but it should be a nice car.

Q: 010year Brand new Ford Explorer broke in a week What should i have to do.?
I just bought the 2010 brand new Ford Explorer but it broke in a week. The belt was broken, I asked to changed new car but they did not accept it.
What is the best way for me?
and they replaced the belt, but how could i belive it won’t happen again?

A: The warranty is limited. If a defective covered part fails, they will replace it free of charge. They will not replace the entire vehicle. If there is a problem that continues to happen, and they are unable to fix it after several tries, you may have a lemon law claim, but in this case, they will replace the belt and see if there is a problem that caused the failure. They will not give you a different vehicle

Q: Does ford explorer 5 lug pattern match a 2010 Jeep 5 lug pattern?

A: i believe it does

Q: Parents with Ford Explorers & Chevy Trailblazers (2003-2010)..?
How do you like your vehicle’s? Pro’s and Con’s? I’ve ALWAYS been an import fan, myself. But with bills and carpayments, getting a Ford or Chevy is easier on our checkbook *sighs. Would love to hear from you!!

Oh ya, we have an 8 month old too, so she’s still in her rear facing carseat.

Would also love to hear from parents with another type of SUV too. Thanks so much for your time!!

A: I have a 2006 Trailblazer. It worked great when my daughter was rear-facing. She was on the passenger side, and I would sit in back with her quite comfortably. There is a lot of cargo room – we recently drove to Disney World and then moved 4 states away and it was a comfortable trip even packed to the brim. My daughter is forward facing and in the middle seat now, and there is not really any room in the backseat for any other passengers with her in the center, which is annoying. I think if we had 3 kids, we’d have to get another car.

I love my car, but I am considering getting something with better gas mileage. It’s not bad for an SUV, about 20 mpg, but I try to be green and I feel guilty every time I fill up!

Q: how many dc 12v power outlets does a ford explorer have?
i think its a 2008-2010 model

A: they are disguised as cigarette lighters, just look for those, there should be one in front and one in back..

Q: Is this a good travel deal?
This question is for people who travel oor have travelled to Las Vegas:

We paid 2040 for 3 people or 679 USD per person for:

round trip flight from buffalo to las vegas
7 night stay at the Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower
(Deluxe Strip View Room)
2010 Ford explorer for 7 days with insurance and damage protection.

Is this a good deal.

A: It sounds good to me. A deal is good if you can afford it, are comfortable with it, and it gives you what you want.

Q: Which do you prefer and which one do you think will be better on gas too?
Mariner mercury
2010 ford fusion
ford explorer
moutainer mercury

i need votes to help me out
thank u

A: Without a doubt, the Ford Fusion will get the best mileage of the 4 you list.

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