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A: Kid listen. a 370z fits mostly anybody from 6′0 to the little people who built it “not trying to sound racist” but listen donnot buy a car that you got no idea about. ask around, also unless you got road time I would suggest getting the older Z cars. they may not what the ghetto people drive but they do perform better and also I too own a Z car cept mines an 83. There are other cars like that as well. for example the Caddilacs Buicks Lincolns all are bult just like what you are looking for and also they fit people any size and heres the best part THEY GOT MORE THEN 2 SEATS! I do say this the Z series cars are fun and they are fast and luxurious I do think it is funny though the 240Z and the 84 300ZX litteraly would eat that 370z I know they to some do not liik nice but they can do what the 370 cannot. Also heres another problem Nissan parts are a bitch to come buy after they are made. for example I paid $20.00 for a brake pin that would have cost me $2.00 at the junk yard. So listen think before you leap into a inport sports car such as the Z.

Q: How much horse power does the new nissan 370z have?
How much horse power does the new nissan 370z have?, and if there is anyone who owns it please tell me how you like it. :)

A: My best friend has one and its amazing.
He got the 7 speed auto and gosh its fast.(Fatser than my 09G37 sport).
The 370Z Gets 332BHP and puts down about 280 HP to the rear wheel and 242 foot pounds of torque.
0-60 in the 7 speed auto with VDC off comes up in 4.7 seconds.

Q: Should I get a nissan 370z or a bmw 135i?
I’m getting a new car soon but I’m not sure if I should get a Nissan 370z or a BMW 135i. Which one would you get and why?

A: the 370 z is by far faster because of it 3.7 v6 with i think its 280hp and it weighs almost nothing making it go from 0-60 in 5 secs, also the transmission was re designed with the sincro rev mechanism making it even faster and easier to drive if you choose the manual, and the inside is absolutely amazing with bose spakers and the navi sistem the car is just BA, but the bmw has back seats so that makes it more useful for the purpose of transportation

Q: Does the base Nissan 370z has SynchroRev Match?
I know the Sport package has SynchroRev Match system.
What about the base nissan 370z?

A: its only on the sport package. you can get the sport package with the base or the touring model.

Q: How much will the Nissan 370Z Nismo cost?
When the Nissan 370Z Nismo comes out this summer, what will the price be? I was thinking somewhere around $38K-$42K, but I’m not sure. Does anyone know?

A: well they decided not to make it because they had balencing problems and if they did it would be like 43K-50K im pretty sure

Q: What year is the nissan 370z going to be called?
Im not asking “when is it coming out” i wanna know if its gonna be either called a 2009 370z or 2010 370z.

Thank you

A: The 2009 370Z has not arrived at dealerships yet. GTR launch New Maxima Launch lot’s of cool things going on at Nissan. We still have two Nismo 350z one white and one black, 2008’s and several trim level 2008 350Z’s all ready to sell at year end prices. Fort Worth Area Nissan Dealership. Nissan could do what they did with the 2008 Murano there was not a 2008, So Nissan may not have a 2009 and call the 370Z a 2010

Q: What difference between nissan 350z and 370z?
saw video here

and was curious?

A: The new car will be in dealers soon all the car magizines have storys this month. Smaller lighter shorter different tail lights and front end headlights and grill openings. Transmission rev matching manual shifter. A Nissan first makes the heel and toe blip of the throttle for you but can be turned off. Variable event and lift valve timing Another feature that makes more power on less fuel. Motor is 200cc larger. Internal combustion engines are about as efficent as they can be. I have not driven one yet but we should see the new car this month.

Q: what need for speed game have the nissan 350z or nissan 370z for xbox 360?
what game have the car nissan 350z or 370z undercover? most wanted? shift? carbon?

A: Need For Speed Shift

Q: what is the speed difference between the 2010 nissan 370z touring and the 2010 nissan 370z and also what is?
the speed difference between the nissan 370z with (sport package) and what is the difference between the 2010 nissan 370ztouring with (sport package)

A: Touring is a luxury package that adds Bose CD changer, Bluetooth, Leather Seats, and stuff like that.

Q: To have a fairly good APR on a Nissan 370z, what kind of credit score should I be working with?
when applying for an auto loan in Maryland during this particular time period? Also, are Nissan Dealerships Doing well right now?

A: 600 at least

Q: what is a car similar to the nissan 370z, that sits more than 2 people?
i really want a nissan 370z, but i dont like the fact that it only sits 2 people. is there any car that looks like this, but has more seats?

if anything, im just looking for a nicee looking car with like 4 seats, that isn’t really a fortune

A: G37 coupe (or even g35 coupe).

Same company, but the G37 seats 4.

It may appear a little bit different, but I think it’s the closest you will get in terms of a 370z look-a-like with backseats.

Q: What are some cars similar to the Nissan 370z?
I really like porche-esque cars but I am still in college and can’t afford a really nice car. I want something that look sleek yet professional and sexy while still being practical and not outrageously expensive. Any ideas?
I like the G37’s but… I need cheap…. my mom wants around 5K but that is not happening. How much do you think the lease payments /Car payments would be on a 370Z?
I realized what I was looking at and loving was the Chrysler Crossfire…. and opinions?

A: Lease payments on a base 370Z should be in the $500-$600 per month range with about $1500-$2000 due at signing. The lease rates on the Z are TERRIBLE. Super high interest rates.

The G37 coupe should be around the same depending on options. The lease rates on those are better than the Zs.

If you want a G37 sedan however, you’ll be looking at $400-$500 since Nissan has improved those rates.

Last may, I leased my G37 coupe for about $422 a month with $1300 due at signing. Can’t really get that nowadays.

You can however, get into a Mercedes Benz C350 for around $2000 at signing and $450 a month for 48 months/12k miles per year.

Q: What is the button on the other side of the start button on the 2010 nissan 370z?
Its located on the dashboard just on the other side of the start button if possible give a picture of it real close THANKS!

A: Push button starter button on the right center stack and VDC off switch on the left side of the instrument cluster. VDC uses brakes and throttle control to control slides skids. Section #2 page #2 in the owners manual. If you buy a complex car take time to read the owners manual.

Q: How does the 2010 Nissan 370Z Roadster cover handle in rain, hail, and snow?
Like when it’s raining is it noisy? Will rain get through?

A: I have yet to see any water entry warranty claims come across my desk for a 2010 370Z cover. I would imagine that during a heavy rainfall it could get a little noisy. I dont know why you would be driving a 370 during the winter months. I would park it in a shelter and cover it. Maybe thats just me?

Q: How much of an down payment can I use for a Nissan 370z?
Does it depend on the dealership? I live in Maryland.

A: Depends on your credit, job and debt to income ratio. If in tier 1 you can actually put nothing down. Interest will go up as 1/3 down will give best rates. Figure 35,000 and 13,000 down will give after tax. tag and doc fees about 20,000 difference which for 5 years will make payment 410-430.If it is 30,000 OTD the with 0 down you pay 650-675 a month.

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