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2010 porsche 911

2010 porsche 911

A: I think you need a good lie down, as we both know you cannot afford either vehicle.
I wish kids like you would find a better hobby than post lies on the internet!
Q: porsche 911 gt3 2010 or porsche 911 turbo 2010 what is better?the porsche gt3 is a natrually aspirated car with rear wheel [...]

2010 911

A: Check out Fabspeed (, they advertise both ECU and TCU upgrades for the 997TT that will boost performance.
Or…just race your buddy over a longer distance, or throw in a turn or two. There’s no way in heck a Hyundai Genesis will outrun a 997TT at speed, or outmaneuver it in the twisties.
Have fun.
Q: [...]

porsche 911

A: That is a very difficult question…and I doubt you will find a definite 0-60 time on a car like that. I can try and help you though. The 0-60 on a normal Carrera 4S (2006 model) is 4.6 seconds as a manual. The 0-60 with Tiptronic makes it a bit slower, [...]