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2010 porsche 911

A: I think you need a good lie down, as we both know you cannot afford either vehicle.

I wish kids like you would find a better hobby than post lies on the internet!

Q: porsche 911 gt3 2010 or porsche 911 turbo 2010 what is better?
the porsche gt3 is a natrually aspirated car with rear wheel drive and its more of a race car. it has 435 hp and has a 0-60 time of 4 seconds but it weighs about 3000 pounds it also has 317 lb feet of torque i also hear it has a very involving drive and an amazing noise. The porsche turbo is about 3,400 pounds and it can go from 0-60 in about 3.3 sec and 0-100 in 7.4 sec it has 500 hp it also has 517 lb feet of torque. i hear it has a crappy sound but is amazing performance. and it has 4 wheel drive.

A: I have a 2005 911 Turbo S (That’s the 996 body.) and it has a wonderful sound. It would be uncharacteristic for Porsche, who engineers their cars’ sounds, to turn out anything with “a crappy sound.” My 2005 and the 2010 Turbo both weigh about 3500 pounds.

The Open Road article I read on the 2010 Turbo said they easily tested a coupe with the PDK transmission to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds, and expect someone will manage it in 3.0 seconds. The 2010 has 496 lb-ft of torque. It will briefly hits 517 lb-ft IF you have the optional Sport Chrono Turbo package installed.

The GT3 gets all that horsepower from a normally aspirated engine by spinning up to 8400 rpm, while the turbo has no need for that (Turbo red line is 6750). The “torquey” Turbo roars out of very tight turns while the GT3 has to build up engine speed again to get going.

The GT3 obviously is nimbler on its feet, weighing in at about 3050 pounds. However, it’s a lot easier to get into trouble in turns without the Turbo’s all-wheel drive. Porsche has ALMOST eliminated the oversteer that is inherent in a rear-engine car. ALMOST is not the same as totally.

Q: 2009 porsche 911 turbo vs 2009/2010 BMW M6?
based on driveability, every day living, chick-magnet, and head-turner, and last but not least….funner to drive ! thank you.

A: 911 hands down… is that even a question?!

Q: LADIES,who would yal feel more attracted to, a guy who drove a BMW M3 or Porsche 911?
I am in the recent market to buy either a BMW M3 or a Porsche 911, both models are 2010, but i cant decided, so i am looking into what females are more attracted to

A: I’m attracted to a guy, not his car. His car doesn’t hold any personality and it can be anything as long as it gets us from point A to point B. Go with whatever you think best, but just know the girl will be more interested in your car than she is with you and if you’re into that go for the Porsche. Best of luck!

Q: When does my ‘85 Porsche 911 become an Antique?
My ‘85 Porsche 911 Carrera is approaching “Antique” status. The department of motor vehicles requires automobiles to be 25 years old before they can obtain Antique Plates.

So when does my ‘85 turn 25 years old….In 2009 or 2010? Because auto manufacturers release the new models in the summer/fall (e.g. the ‘09 Accord gets release in like Sept of ‘08).

And does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for Antique Auto Insurance? Is it less expensive? I assume there are some associated restrictions….mileage limits and frequency of use. What other benefits does Antique Auto Insurance provide? Thanks.
I live in Pennsylvania. Cars can be registered as Classic at 15 years, and Antique at 25 years…

I realize this varies state to state

A: In 2010.
If they still make the car, which they do still make the 911, then it needs to be 25 years old to become a classic car.

Some 2009 accords do get made in 2009. To see the birthday of your car, there should be a sticker with the date of manufacture in the door well or under the hood.

If they do not make the car anymore, like the Porsche 944, then it ony needs to be 15 years old to be considered a classic car.

You can use any car insurance. Hagerty is a car insurance that specializes in classic cars. It is cheaper, but they do have restrictions. Such as you cannot drive on weekdays.

Q: How many miles can these sports cars last? (Lamborghini,Porsche,Aston Martin,Ferrari,etc)?
I’m doing some research about cars,although i can’t find any information on how many miles they could last up to. anyways heres the car list

Ferrari 458 Italia
Lamborghini Gallardo LP560
Aston Martin Rapide
Porsche 911 Turbo
2010 – 2011 Ford Mustang GT500
Nissan GTR

If you don’t know all of least put 1 down or give me a link to a website that shows me it :) Thanks

A: You can trash a car before you make it off the dealer lot if you are stupid. Taking care of a car is what determines how long it will last not some magical mileage where it just stops working.

Q: Which car should I buy ?
1- The best car ever : Fiat 128×600/wallpaper_01.htm
2- The sport car : Porsche 911×600/wallpaper_02.htm
3- The half tonne chevrolet (Tank) or (the beast of the half)

A: the fiat is awesommmme!! but the porsche is classy(kinda)deuchie but ehh… the chev…oh noo! (i hate trucks) but id go with the fiatt!!! it’s so cute

Q: So which car is better?
2010 aston martin db9
2010 audi r8
2010 porsche 911 turbo s
2010 mercedes cl600
2009 maserati granturismo s

they both cost around the same, +/- $150k
which would you choose?

A: I’d go with the r8. True supercar performance (3.8 second 0-60), and it actually looks mean and fast the way a supercar should. The db9 can’t match the audi or the porsche on the track (4.6 second 0-60). It’s beautiful but ever since jaguar stole the look with the xk, the db9 doesn’t have quite the same uniqueness it once did. The 911 turbo s is the best car performance wise (3.1 second 0-60) but it doesn’t have the head turning power a $150k car should. The cl looks like a shorter S class, not sporty at all. The granturismo, like the db9, is beautiful but can’t keep up with the r8 or the porsche (4.9 sec 0-60)

Q: Is GM lying to it’s customers as far as HP claims?

The 911 is down 138 HP, is heavier, and has more drive-train(4-wheel drive), yet does 0-60 in 2.9 seconds(versus 3.3), and a quicker quarter mile.

Someone is seriously fudging the numbers here. I seem to remember a test back in the late 80’s also where a 200HP 911 waxed a 300HP twin Turbo 300ZX.

I welcome any feedback.

A: No, GM is not lying about the output, every ZR1 I’ve seen dyno’ed has been around what they should be.

Of course the 911 is gonna have a quicker 0-60 due to the AWD, that can easily make up for a HP difference.

You also neglected to mention that the ZR1 was actually faster at the Mazda Speedway track. You have to remember on thing about magazine times, a lot of times they’re biased and inaccurate. I’ve personally seen 4 BONE STOCK ZR1’s run 10.90’s ALL DAY LONG(yay for living within an hour or 2 of 4 major tracks) at the strip, they just need a competent driver, the 911 will be a little more forgiving due to the AWD. Trap speed shows the REAL power, ET is more traction and driver skill. Just keep that in mind. Horsepower isn’t the end all be all when it comes to track times, there are many, many other factors.

Load, what are you talking about? The Corvette is too heavy and takes too long to corner? What crack are you smoking? Seriously. Did you SEE where it BEAT the 911 in the ROAD course. Please think before saying dumb stuff like that….this isn’t the ’80’s. The Corvette has been a great handling car since the C5 came out….

Q: If you could have any car in the world at any price?
What is your dream car? From anywhere in the world, from any time period, and from all price ranges, what would you choose?

Here’s what to include:

3.Car color and rim color (Optional:Decals)
4.Year (If unknown, try to get close.)
5. Why would you get it? (be thorough)
6.Optional: Accessories/modifications/options

Here’s mine:

My dream car is a black and red (w/ red rims) 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (base price roughly 113k). It is (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful cars in the world. It looks like nothing else on the road with that amazing carbon fiber spoiler and that amazing stock paint job. It is as fast and lightweight as a race-car and street-legal. I have seen every kind of Porsche on the road apart from the Carrera GT, and the 911 GT3 RS. it is very unpractical for an every day car but I doubt if i had this, it would be my only car. There’s not many option i would put on this car as it’s already stripped down. I would put racing seat belts in and change the doors to Butterfly doors. I would put flashing neon on the bottom (very lame i know, but imagine for a second pulling up to a club with red neon lights flashing) and an illegal race exhaust loud enough to set off car alarms. That’s about it. It’ll probably end up costing 125-130k.

A: Audi r8

Blue car with black rims…man i’d love that.

Don’t care, as long as its an r8

I sat in one a few days ago, man it was SOOOO NICE! Its a supercar, but its clutch and gear lever really are like people say in reviews. They feel really light. Usually supercars have heavy clutches and gear levers, but the r8’s feel feather light!

I also really want a Mazda miata, First gen. Yea such a big difference from an r8 to a miata.

Same colour, blue on black rims.

I like the miata because they’re really light, fuel efficient, and amazing handling. I like how they look, you can call them a girl car all you want, i still like them!

Q: How does the Corvette ZR1 keep losing to cars that have less power and are heavier?
Car and Driver Magazine drag raced a brand new 2010 Porsche 911 turbo with 500bhp that weighs 3550lbs against a 2010 Corvette ZR1 that has 638 bhp and the the Porsche did 1/4 mile in 10.9 seconds and the ZR1 in 11.5. Here’s a drag race between a 510bhp 3200lbs Ferrari F430 Scuderia and a 638bhp 3200lbs Corvette ZR1. The ZR1 gets crushed.
The ZR1 even has a worst 1/4 time than a 478bhp 3750lbs GTR Spec-V which ran 11.0 in the GT channel test. The fastes Magazine time for a ZR1 is 11.2 seconds. My question is, if the ZR1 has so much more horsepower and weighs less, then why does it always lose in a drag race?
What are you talking about. That ZR1 driver was one of the best street drivers in all of the Middle East. Here he is racing his stock ZR1 against a highly modded yellow 1000bhp Z06 and a stock 530bhp GT2.
Some of you guys are HIGHLY OVERRATING the ZR1. the OLD Porsche 997 GT2(not the new 997.2 GT2RS) beat the ZR1 at these 5 tracks.
Luk Driving Center, Germany

Hockenheim Short, Germany

Anglesey National, Great Britain

SportAuto wet handling? test, Germany

Top Gear Track, Great Britain

Also, the 2009 GTR actually beats the ZR1 at the nurburgring in the SYNCED video even though it costs $30,000+ less than the ZR1.

Here’s 100% proof that the GTR is superior to the ZR1 at the ring.
The ZR1 had a LATE timer start.
This video is SYNCED UP perfectly and you can see that the ZR1 is at least 0.5 seconds faster than the ZR1
Also, the 2010 GTR has an $80,000 base price and the 2010 ZR1 has a $110,000 base price. The 2008 GTR had a ZO6 like $74,000 base price.

A: People keep talking about how great the ZR1 is, and it’s a good car, but not great, and doesn’t handle that great for what it is, it makes up for it with HP, which is why there are some cars with as much as 200hp less that can almost keep up with it on a road course, but can’t keep up with it on the big straights, they make up the difference in the corners. Just using an arbitrary testing method on a given track and a set driver, the ZR1 hasn’t beaten the 997 GT2 yet…on Top Gear’s Power Lap. GT2 was 1:19.5 and the ZR1 is 1:20.4. Now, in defense of the corvette, it was under wetter conditions. As for the 1/4 mile, with a RWD car, it all depends on the driver. It doesn’t take a good driver to launch a GT-R hard, it’s all wheel drive. A Porsche 911 Turbo is also all wheel drive, so same applies. Traction is the big limiting factor for a drag race. Obviously the driver of the ZR1 is an amateur if he can onlyget 11.2-11.5, considering there’s someone on the GM forums and I believe on youtube who goes by the name of Hunter who piloted a stock ZO6 (the 500hp naturally aspirated corvette) to a 10.9 second 1/4 mile. Don’t you think a ZR1 would be faster with an extra 138hp? But it’s not if the driver isn’t. Same reason I can and have beat a C6 corvette with 400hp with my 305hp 98 mustang cobra in a drag race. He couldn’t drive as well as I could (not saying I’m a great driver, there’s still a lot more ET left in the car that I haven’t gotten out of it yet).

Q: Should I stay with my gf?
Idk if I should stay with my gf or break up with her. The reason is is because her parents think im some snooty rich kid. The first time I can tell they thought that i was is when I first met them and they saw my car (its a 2010 porsche 911 turbo) so the parents where like “how do you manage to get a car like that?” or “you should get a job and pay back your parents” and her dad kept saying “when i was your age i had to work hard to just get an old car” they evan asked if im spoiled. Also she does live on the lower side of LA and i live in beverly hills but idc about stuff like that shes very nive and has an amazing personality and i love her but her parents are just wierd. I invited them over 1nce and the parents where like “how the hell do ou afford a house like this?” and the dad says i should get a job and support paying my private school i mean wtf does he evan think about what hes saying there are alot of other stuff but this already kind of long so what do i do?

A: just because you have a privaliged life it dosnt mean its your fualt your parents have cash. if her parents cant get over it theyre just assholes and you shouldnt let that break you too up. if your gonna ever leave someone dont let it be becasuse of someone elses oppinion

Q: Does this sound like a good beginning to a book?
-Chapter One-
Dead Navy Officer and a new Probie

As I woke up today I realized something. It was Wednesday September 3rd, 2009. It was the day, the day we got our new probie. I sat up in bed still tired rubbing the crust from my eyes. I immediately got out of bed and rushed into my kitchen to find my girlfriend Lyla brewing a some fresh coffee for me to bring to work. I could smell the delighting smell of Roasted coffee fill the room of my apartments kitchen. As she finished brewing the coffee I sat at the small table to eat some toast with crunchy peanut butter on it. As I ate my favorite small breakfast I read the newspaper the headline said “NCIS UNCOVERS THE MYSTERY OF THE RANKING SERIAL KILLER”. I read the article it told how a team of 3 Special Agents finally gathered up the clues and captured the man who was killing Female Navy Petty officers by their ranks. After I ate and got my thermostat full of coffee I went in to brush my teeth and take a shower. After I let the hot steamy water runoff my body and let the soap kill the germs I was carrying I got out dried off wrapped a towel around my waist I began to brush. I always made sure my teeth were spotless. When I was young in school they told me to keep half of the bristles on my gums and the other half on my teeth so I didn’t have to worry about gingivitis or any of those disgusting things that could happen to your teeth. They told me to brush 10 times. And go to the other side. But I did it my own way I brushed all my teeth 50 times , 8 times then I brushed my gums 35 times, 5 times. My teeth have been staying shiny white so that’s how I know its working. As I finished up brushing my teeth I walked into my bedroom and found a button up collar shirts and some tan kaki pants. I spiked my hair and grabbed my lunch. I kissed Lyla and told her “Ill be back later babe”. She replied “please come home early I want to cook something special for dinner tonight”. “Why whats going on tonight”? I asked and she said. “Im not going to tell you but you better not have forgot this better be a joke, now go on your going to be late”. I thought to myself, what was it that was so special tonight? I thought well maybe something will trigger my memory later. I walked out the door sipping some of my coffee. I called the elevator and went down. As I walked out the lobby door I unlocked my Red 2010 Porsche 911. As I sat in the car I looked at a keychain I hang from my mirror in the car it said Corey+Lyla=<3 then it said a date. September 3rd,2005. And I remembered. It’s our Anniversary. It hit me.

Its not what i would call “Good” myself but im not even an adult im still young and i think sounds too much like one of my assignments in school were i have to write a short story. Does it sound to “Descriptive”. Does it sound too “Specific”?? I think it does what do you think i could do to fix it up? oh yea and steal this and write your own story and ill track you down and ill have proof i wrote it. Trust me i have cops in my family…

A: I got bored half way through. most of your sentences sound the same. I did this I did that sort of thing try just rewording it and add some more description. He is getting a probie today, so how does he feel about it is he excited ? things like that. it sounds like a great idea u just have to do some editing

Q: What car should i buy?
Ive looked at ferrari f430, 458 italia i like them both but i also like the new porsche 911 gt2, and a 2010 mercedes sl65 amg, and possibly a lambo LP640. but im having a way hard decision cause there alot of money and i want one that will be waay fast and still catch alot of attention. but also last long and not break down.

A: The only car out that list that is anyway reliable is the Mercedes…

Q: rich guy wonders how to spot and avoid gold diggers?
so, right now i’m 17 but when i was 14 my friend and i started up a very successful business that churns out an after-tax profit of about $10,000,000 a year. so, i have a problem. i am constantly approached by all types of girls that want nothing but money. how do i avoid this? do i get a p.o.s. car? (right now i have a 2009 porsche 911 and a 2010 camaro ss) do i wear worse clothes? what can i do so as not to be constantly approached by the wrong types of girls???? i’m really sick of it and i don’t like them or want to deal with them. (this isn’t ricky asking, but a good friend of ricky’s who has no yahoo answers account and is too lazy to make one)

A: Lololololololololololololololol you make 10m and im brad pitt.

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