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2010 toyota 4runner

2010 toyota 4runner

A: The Trail Edition is sick.
Of course the “All-Terrain” Tires you are talking about would be a waste of money because they would offer so little off-road performance. If you really want to get some good tires. Get some KM2 BFG Mud Terrains. They will slap some All Terrains around like a little kid. [...]

toyota 4runner

A: The 4Runner is one of the better SUVs that you can buy. Its one of the few SUVs that is hard to find used. Thats because people dont like to part with them. They get better gas mileage than most other SUVs in their class but most of all they last forever. My 1997 [...]


A: highlanders are better on gas. if you still want an SUV, you can get the rav4, or even the highlander hybrid if you can afford it. or you can get the sienna.
Q: What would make my 1986 4runner steam up the cabin with coolant?My 1986 4runner has suddenly started steaming up my cabin. It [...]

2010 4runner

A: Four High Lock would be the four wheel drive selection that has a higher gear ratio for regular driving, but locks the differentials for maximum grip. Four High Free would be the same only, the differentials are open, which means power goes only to the wheels that offer the least resistance. However, locking the [...]