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A: Four High Lock would be the four wheel drive selection that has a higher gear ratio for regular driving, but locks the differentials for maximum grip. Four High Free would be the same only, the differentials are open, which means power goes only to the wheels that offer the least resistance. However, locking the differential and just driving around will be very hard on the differentials and will just wear it out pretty fast, so you’ll only want to use that when you really need it.

Q: What do you think of the new Toyota 2010 4Runner?
This suv looks badass, and from the reviews, it does blow peoples minds.
Also, do you think the new 2012 Tacoma will have a similar look?

A: Toyota- Moving forward, Even if you don’t want to.

Terrible, its a Japanese car, and Japanese cars suck!

Q: Is there any car dealer in Malaysia that sell Toyota 4Runner 2010?
Hi, would like to ask is there any car dealer that sell/import the new Toyota 4Runner Trail version? Does the car allowed to be imported in Malaysia? Thanks.

A: Well, firstly, would you like a US spec-4Runner, or a Japan spec, which is practically sold in other parts of the world as the Toyota Hilux Surf? In Malaysia, though, the Toyota Fortuner would work as a great alternative.

Q: Does a 2010 4runner have a timing belt or a timing chain?
Read title.

A: Which motor do you have, the V8 has a belt and the V6 has a chain.

No the 4Runner is not affected by any recall.

Q: Would it be feasible/practical to put either 31″ or 33″ all-terrain tires on a new 2010 Toyota 4runner?
So I see that the new 4runner has a “trail” edition, but the tires on it look wimpy. How well would this truck accommodate a 33″ tire, and would the dealership install them?

A: The Trail Edition is sick.

Of course the “All-Terrain” Tires you are talking about would be a waste of money because they would offer so little off-road performance. If you really want to get some good tires. Get some KM2 BFG Mud Terrains. They will slap some All Terrains around like a little kid.

I doubt 33’s will fit. 32’s maybe. 31’s for sure. The dealer will install them, of course it’s gonna cost you. I would go to a tire place instead. Save yourself a few bucks.

Q: where can i find splash guards for 2010 4runner limited? 4×4?
the dealer dont make it.
where can i find it?

A: Try have all the high quality stuff for your truck…Splash gaurds,interior mats the works!!!

Q: 2010 4runner limited floor mats?
Does anybody know where to get some floor mats for the 2010 4runner limited?
Is there any pictures of what it looks like when it’s installed.

A: The dealer.

They will be custom made to exactly fit your floor plan. Plus you can get Rubber All Weather mats or Logo cloth Mats.

Q: 2010 4runner pricing?
I want to buy a 2010 SR5 4runner 4×2 V6. I want to know what is the lowest Out-The-Door price I can get this vehicle for. Please help and thank you!

A: 31167 plus tax

Q: When do you think the 2010 4runner is gonna go on sale and 0% APR?

A: soon but keep in mind like one percent of the population qualify for it its a marketing gimmick but truthfully you couldn’t give me this foreign can car. american right toyota go back to wherever it came from

Q: Tires for 2010 4runner SR5.?
The factory tire size on the 2010 Toyota 4runner SR5 is P265/70 R17 and I am wondering if the BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A will fit. They make a size LT265/70 R17 and I see the only difference in the sizes are the first letters in the tire size. I have no idea what they mean. I also noticed that the BF Goodrich tire have two of the same sizes. LT265/70 R17/C and LT 265/70 R17/E. Please help clear this up for me. Thanks for the help.

A: Yeah it will work. The P stands for passenger and the LT means light truck. The LT has a more aggressive tread pattern. The C and E stand for load range. The C means 6 ply and runs 50 psi and E means 10 ply and can run 80 psi. I would go with the C. Check out these links. The first one should explain everything, but just wanted to add the second link to maybe help you see what they mean about aspect ratio.
Hope that helps you!!!

Q: anyone know of a dealership that has a 2010 toyota 4runner with a 3rd row seat in stock?

A: Would help if you stated where you live so that others and I can check the local inventory.

Q: 2010 Toyota 4Runner? Would it be a good car for me?
I would like a 3rd row seat and I need 4WD or AWD. I am a single mom with 3 children. What do you think? do you have any other suggestions also?

A: yes perfect car—my aunt has one in fact the 2003 one and she has had no problems. reliable car really.

Q: 2010 Toyota 4Runner Rear End Spin-out Video?
Does anyone have a link to the video of the 2010 Toyota 4Runner spinning out over and over again on the news this morning? It showed that once the driver let off the accelerator during a turn, the rear end would just let go and spin around.

Thanks Everyone!

A: Actually that was a LEXUS G460 SUV. And just about any rear wheel drive top heavy vehicle will do the same thing if you push it too hard into a corner.

That video is no surprise to anyone that has explored the handling limitations of an SUV. In a severe cornering scenario the front end understeers and digs into the pavement causing the lighter loaded rear end to swing around. Simple physics, really. So now Toyota is going to take even more flak because they didn’t design an off road vehicle to be a race car. Only in America can people be so naive as to believe that a 4×4 vehicle has the same handling dynamics as a car.

This is the VIDEO;

Q: 2010 Toyota 4Runner VS. 2010 GMC Acadia?
2010 Toyota 4Runner VS. 2010 GMC Acadia

A: Both are great cars you test drive them both.
the 4runner are great offroaders but are not as comfortable as the arcadia.
the 4runner has rugged tires which is rough on streets. the arcadia won’t have the re-sale value as the toyota but its pretty durable.
My pick is the Toyota 4Runner

Q: 2002 Toyota 4runner, 2003 Lexus ES300, or 2010 Toyota Camry?
Which one would you drive and why?

A: The 2010 Camry, Lexus is nice but its 7 years old, the 4Runner even older. Seven years of wear and tear is fairly significant.

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