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2011 5 series

A: They have been in production and up For Sale for the past 2 months in the USA. The 2011 535i and 550i where the only ones available for purchase 2 months ago, the 2011 528i sedan just hit dealers about 1 week ago. The 2011 BMW 528i sedan is cheaper then its previous predecessor, the starting price for the entry class 2011 BMW 528i is listed to sell at $44,550 with a National MSRP $45,975 while its 2010 predecessor priced at $45,800 at an MSRP of $47,225. The 2011 BMW 528i has 240 HP which is 10 more HP then its previous predecessor with 230 HP. The 2011 BMW 5 series competes head to head with the 2011 Infiniti M-class, Audi A6, Mercedes E-class and the Lexus GS.

(Starting prices for each 2011 5 series Trim, MSRP includes “H&D” fee aswell as the “Gas Guzzler Tax fee”)
2011 BMW 528i – $44,550……………MSRP $45,975
2011 BMW 535i – $49,600……………MSRP $51,025
2011 BMW 550i – $59,700……………MSRP $60,575

This link will take you directly to the 2011 BMW 5 series Page so you can take a look. Play around a bit and build your own 5 series customized to your liking.

Q: 2011 BMW 5 Series or Mercedez-Benz E350?
My mom is buying a new car because her “reliable” 2007 Lexus ES is completely done. She wants a really nice car and is very interested in European models. I personally have heard great things about the Cadillac CTS-V but she wants something more exotic. I don’t think she’d like the Jaguar, new Infiniti M, or the Audi A6. So would you recommend the Mercedez-Benz over the new 2011 5 series (which “looks” awesome btw) or do you think a brand new BMW design has to be the clear winner here because of the fact that 1) BMW offers free service for years and 2) Mercedez-Benz’s are made up of many Ford parts?

Which car is better and more reliable in your opinion? Which won’t “break down” like her 2007 ES350 did in a disgusting fashion?

A: I hear great things about the new E-Class. I personally like the Mercedes Line better. The Mercedes cars don’t all look the same as each other unlike the BMW line. I have owned 2 Mercedes-Benz vehicles before and they have been very reliable. The E-Class looks great too. I think the E-Class is also less expensive. I would personally go for the benz

Q: Is the 2011 BMW 5-series as amazing of a car as everyone says?
My mom wants to buy the 535i but it’s too expensive. She is driving a 2007 Lexus ES350 which has 272 hp. The BMW 528i has 240 hp at 6600 RPM. Will the 2011 BMW 528i be more powerful and handle better than my mom’s 2007 Lexus ES350 even though it has lower horsepower?

Is the BMW 5 series, redesigned for 2011, really the “It” car that everyone seems to think it is? They have an amazing 4 year/50000 miles maintenance plan I’m told. I also feel BMW’s are better than Mercedez-Benz’s, but should my mom consider the Audi A6 or the new Infiniti M, Cadillac CTS, or Jaguar? My mom really prides herself on driving nice cars, and the Lexus basically failed her with many maintenance problems.

Should the BMW be #1 on her list? Is it “that” good?

A: Yes it is awesome and I LOVE it but……

The Cadillac CTS V had 304 hp and good for going 140mph in total comfort while smoking most other cars on the road.

Buy it.

Q: the E class or the NEW 2011 5 series?
which do you think classier…more luxurious…and BALLIN..which would make someone go OOOH?

please do explain why you made your choice..thanks! color choice would help :P

A: E Class. Mercedes is MUCH better then BMW.

Q: When will the 2011 BMW 5-series be released?
… for test drive and purchase? Anyone know?

A: According to the BMWNA Press Release, the Fall of 2010.

Q: new bmw 5 series (2011 shape) or new merc e class…. which would you buy?
both are nice..but which one has the OOMPH factor. which one turns heads? which one is classier and looks more luxurious? which would you rather drive daily?

A: I’d get the new BMW 5 Series (2011 shape). It just drives smoothly, but if you want more in-car features, then Merc E class is for you.

Q: What do you think of the new 2011 BMW 5 series?

A: :::::::Be ready or at least in a mood to read =)::::::::
I can only praise BMW for redesigning the 5 series to meet the standards and expectations consumers demand for a vehicle of our generation. The boxy yet still luxurious current design is outdated when compared to the the styling Q’s in the current generation X6, 7 series, X5 etc etc. Overall I think the 2011 BMW 5series was will executed but nothing was done to captivate or stand out that the previous generation couldn’t offer excluding the fact that the 2011 5 series will now come equipped with an optional “park assist” feature like the Lexus LS flagship sedan has. I think the 2011 5-series is better looking then the current 5 series. Even though the 5 series is expected to come out into production real soon, new Luxury sedans will also await to compete against the 2011 BMW 5-series such as the entirely redesigned 2011 Infiniti M37/M56. Personally if I was given the choice between the 2011 BMW 5-series and the 2011 Infiniti M37 I would take the M37 with out a doubt. I feel Infiniti has stepped up their game, definitely out beating and stealing Lexus’s title as the #1 Japanese luxury vehicle in the US. Infiniti has proved itself a worthy rival to the BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Considering the fact that both vehicles will come into production sometime in the year 2010 to be introduced as a 2011 model, pricing will be vastly different. Ironically Infiniti has always been praised for good value in terms of price when compared to the Lexus GS, BMW 5 series and Mercedes E class but as of 2011 Infiniti will hold the title as one of the most expensive Mid-sized conventional Luxury sedans which will price at a Base figure of $51,000 which is a major leap for its already current base price of $45,500. The current BMW 5 series also prices at $45,500 but no word yet on pricing for the 2011 Model. No one expected the 2011 Infiniti M37/56 to over price the already base sticker price of the popular Mercedes E class sedan starting at $48,000. The BMW 5 series and the Infiniti M37/56 will surely be interesting to watch. Its a very competitive market.


(2011 Infiniti M37/56)

(2011 BMW 5 series)

Q: is the 2011 bmw 5 series sedan steering is like an audiand is it light as audi steering?
this bmw use electric power steering, is it same with latest audi a4 steering????

A: BMW steering is typically weighted to povide better road feel. On the current (outgoing) 5 steering the steering is very tight and weighted, I expect the new sedan to be similar but maybe a little lighter. i drove the GT and the steering seems typical BMW, nice and tight and weighted properly.

But, it’s a bigger car than the a4, the steering will be different for both cars.

Q: Damn! don’t you think the new 2011 BMW 5 is ugly?
man… that’s not a 5 series, that is more like an extended 3 series, I wish the E60 5 series (2003-2010) will go on, sad :( ((((
Antonious: yep, it is a matter of taste

Tigerr: agreed but it completely change the look of the previous successful e60 :(

Leo: In my country, one M6 is equal to two 523i

geebs: yea, i cant afford such a car at my age :( , but my father is a car sales man, so i have driven all those 3-7 series, so sad that you cant afford it for life :’(

A: While the current (outgoing) 5 has been a strong seller, the new 5 will delivery even more. More traditional design (striking), a much more luxurious interior, and better handling will lure back the the defectors from audi and benz who thought the 5 was dated.

I still love the old design, but i’m sure i’ll come to love the new one even more.

Q: Do you think its worth Buying a 2011 Infiniti M37 sedan, or wait for the 2011 BMW 528i Sedan?
The 2011 BMW 528i sedan doesnt go on sale till June, would you wait till June to buy one or would you rather take the 2011 Infiniti M37 sedan, both start at similar price-points. Which one would be a better car? PICS below:

(2011 Infiniti M37) $46,250

(2011 BMW 528i sedan) $45,425
240 HP

A: I absolutely love the M37 and think it is a better vehicle, overall, than the BMW 5 series.
The M is a new body, but the same, reliable engine found in the G37.

The M has a 3.7L, 330HP engine vs. the BMW 2.8L, 240 HP engine….for the same price.

To me it is a no-brainer, but I am partial to Infiniti.

Q: When is leasing a new car a good idea? When is it a bad idea?
My mom wants to trade in her 2007 Lexus ES350 and put the money down for a 3-year lease on a new 2011 BMW 5 series? Is this a good idea or should she just buy it and try to get the best financing rate she can get? How does the fact that BMW’s residual value is supposedly pretty strong play into my mom’s decision on leasing vs. buying?

A: leasing is an improper word… it should be called long term renting…

when you lease you never own the car…so you do everything a person who buys a car does..except in three years you either turn the car in, and have nothing, or buy the car all over again….

Leasing is only good for businesses, or if you are going from new york to la for three years, and won’t need the car after that….

Q: Which European car is the best?
The new mercedes e class or the 2011 bmw 5 series

A: I’d go with the new E-class. MB’s has always been know for rock solid quality construction and reliability. This started slipping a little starting in the early 90’s and took a nose dive during the marriage between Chrysler and MB. Finally with the divorce between the two, MB is returning to the heydays of solid construction and reliability. The new E-class has been extremely well received by the automotive press and has won numerous rave reviews for returning to it’s true Mercedes roots. I like both BMW and Mercedes, but lean more towards Mercedes because I own two MB’s, a 1988 & 1989 300SE (W126) with about 180,000 miles each. I absolutely love these cars due to their bank vault solid build, reliability, comfort, and fairlty inexpensive to maintain.

The new E-Class and E-class Coupe were awarded “best-looking car in the world” by AUTOBILD Magazine. 100,000 readers of AUTOBILD voted the E-Class CoupĂ© as the best looking in the “CoupĂ© and Cabriolet” category, as well as electing the Saloon as the overall winner among all new models.

Q: Between Both of these two Luxury cars which one would take?
Which 2011 Luxury sedan would you take? Why?

For some who may know, in 2011 many redesigned vehicles will come out to production to introduce the new generation line-up vehicles.

If you had to choose between the all new 2011 Infiniti M37-M56 and the 2011 BMW 5 series which vehicle would you choose? (between these two only) Pics are below:

(2011 Infiniti M37-M56)

(2011 BMW 5-series)
I can understand where some of you are coming from. I like both vehicles. Although exterior styling can be appreciated in a BMW more then an Infiniti, I would have to say that Infiniti’s Interior’s are the best quality compared to any other luxury vehicle. Infiniti’s interior’s are stunning and flawless while BMW’s exterior styling are captivating. The 2011 M37 is expected to price at $52,000 which will certainly set the price range apart from a BMW 5 series attracting buyers with the luxury of being able to buy a half a $100,000 vehicle, so yes i would consider an Infiniti a luxury vehicle. Although come to think of it the car cost $7,000 more then its predecessor which awkwardly makes it the most expensive sedan of its competitors such as the 5 series, Mercedes E class, Audi A6, Lexus Gs. I still cant see why its so over priced? Beautiful car never the less

A: Infiniti blows away the BMW.

Thank you for playing.

Q: Which Mid-sized Luxury sedan would you buy?
Why would you choose one over the other? The only options are the following cars, no other recommendations please. =) Pics Included

(2011 Infiniti M37) $46,250

(2011 BMW 528i sedan) $45,425
240 HP

(2010 Lexus GS350) $45,600
303 HP×441.jpg

A: The 5-Series is the best performing and handling and will retain its value FAR better than the other two. Toyota has just announced they’re going to barely have made a profit this year because of all of the problems reported with their vehicles and the amounts of rebates they’ve had to give to keep any sales coming in at all. The most popular aspect of a Lexus today are the number of people staying away from them.

Best of luck. I hope this helps.

Q: Survey: Infiniti, Mercedes or BMW?
( Try to determine which car you would most likley buy?)
Money not being a factor which of these 3 luxury sedans would you choose. “Neither” is not an answer. (Pics included) All these cars have a starting MSRP of $60,000

2011 Infiniti M56
2011 BMW 550i
2010 Mercedes E550
Tom: Not trying to be biased here but Ive actually heard the BMW 5 series has the biggest depreciation value in the mid-sized sedan market and the the Infiniti M maintians its fair market value as well as the mercedes E-class. The 550i is very impressive with 400 HP but the Infiniti does just as well with 420 HP either way all sedans are nice

A: The infiniti is by far the best out of the 3. Not only is it the superior luxury car in its class, but its a great car to have based on safety, new technologies, and keeping its value. it sounds fantastic on the road. it quickly goes from your favorite luxury car to your favorite sports car in a heartbeat. the added luxury items like their new iDrive key which adjusts to the settings you had on the vehicle, while another key could adjust to totally different settings. Also, the detail in the dashboard and interior door panels gives the car a new flare. all the new infinitis have been totally redesigned inside and out and the new M56 is a great example. its the clear winner and i’d buy one over a BMW or Mercedes anytime. i mean, the M56 just looks like a work of art. its beautiful inside and out. i mean, other manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes may have beautiful exteriors, but the interior is so bland and lacks detail. even the smallest ones make a huge difference.

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